Hello and Welcome! My name is Tom Soisoonthorn
Web Developing is what I do...

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So who am I?

Well…. not in so many words… Tom Soisoonthorn.

A Web Developer! An Outlaw! A Comedian! A Globe Trotter!! etc…
Not really sure yet what I do… but a web developer is one of description that I will gladly give it to myself.

First off, welcome to my little humble home on the net.
I’m sure you are looking for something web developing related that’s why you are stumbling upon my little island here.

So here is my personal website where i usually post up some random things here and there like code snippet from the work that I am doing or other fun or cool stuff I found but I hope it will be useful to someone out there. because sharing is caring, right?
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I have never been a vivid fan of taking nice photo and such but I think it's kinda growing on me a bit now. I always look out there and sometime see sucha amazing visual. If I can catch it in all its glory then I will post them all here or on my flickr account and stream it here. Wouldn't that be fun.

Anyway, here is my flickr account just in case you wannna see what's on it which i haven't really update anything yet... It seems really have to update something now... So stay tune~!


Social Connection

I have to say, I'm not really big on social connection. I mean I do have account here and there and everywhere but I rarely use them. I use them mostly for testing out the API's from different sites so if you see me here and there say hi. Some times I even say hi back if I'm there using it.

Let's see... I have facebook, myspace, youtube, windows live, hi5, mixi and etc... well add me if you want. I will try to get to all those friends requests, hehehe =D


Amazing sites

There are some of the sites I frequently visit. I know it has nothing to do with programming but relaxation is the key here.